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Which personal air filter (sploof) is the best?

May 26, 2021

Personal air filters (sploofs) have been around ever since the internet was created. Nobody knows exactly who came up with the idea of stuffing fabric softener into a toiler paper roll but it worked, kinda. Since the Original Sploofy launched in 2015, there have been several companies that have tried their take on creating a better mouse trap.

So which one is the best? Lauren Yoshiko compares our Sploofy to 4 other brands, including the homemade "sploof". Of all the brands reviewed, we're happy to hear that our Sploofy Pro ends up on top. "It also happens to be the most aesthetically pleasing, with a subtle shape that doesn't look out of place on a desk or bookshelf—almost like an unassuming little Bluetooth speaker keeping your rental lease on solid ground", says Yoshiko. 

Are we surprised? Not really. It all bottles down to how well the filters do their job. Filters may look the same to the untrained eye, but the fact is they're different under a microscope. Your home air purifier, furnace, car air filter, all use different filters and so do we. Smoke particles is 

Sploofy filters have been tested to last over 300 uses, 

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