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Different Ways to Combat the Smell of Smoke

May 15, 2019

Sploofy is a specialized personal air filter designed to trap odor at its source. In this article, we’ll go over list of common air filtration devices and explain why a Sploofy is one of the most effective ways to reduce smoke odor.

1. Air Purifier

An air purifier is great for cleaning the air in a room, but it is not designed to deodorize and contain smoke. Activated carbon filters for air purifiers are available to help alleviate odor - but it’s not very effective at containing the smell. Once you exhale into the room, the smoke odor spreads and can leak into other rooms before being filtered through the purifier.

Air purifiers:

  • can be expensive
  • slow process due to cleaning the entire air space of the room
  • almost impossible to prevent the smell from spreading
  • aren’t equipped to absorb odor over long periods

2. Air Freshener/Sprays

Air fresheners & sprays are commonly used to mask smells. There are air sprays that are designed specifically to cover the smell of. A concentrated spray may be strong enough to mask the smell of but it doesn’t deodorize or absorb any odor. If you’re using an air freshner/spray you might notice that your furniture, walls, and carpet absorb the scent and that you still have a lingering smoky smell in the room.

Air Freshener/Sprays:

  • Mask the smell of smoke and other scents
  • Work immediately
  • Replace one scent with another
  • Don’t deodorize 

3. Personal Air Filters

You might have used a homemade “sploof” comprised of a toilet paper roll and fabric softeners. By exhaling through a “sploof”, your smoke is being masked by the scent from the fabric softener. The effectiveness is largely due to the fact that you’re attacking the smoke before it is released into the air. These may work as a bandaid, but it doesn’t actually deodorize the smoke.

Sploofy is a personal air filter specifically designed to trap and deodorize smoke. Any smoke that is exhaled through the Sploofy is deodorized before exiting the device. Our newest model, the Sploofy V3 “Supermax”, is our most powerful filter ever created.


Personal air filters:

  • Provide instant filtration
  • Absorb and deodorize smoke at it’s source
  • Last for 6-8 weeks when using a quality brand such as Sploofy
  • Don’t work for joints, blunts, spliffs etc.

We have spent countless hours researching, and our newest model has it all. The design is eco-friendly and you get heaps of use out of the cartridge. Our filters have been tested to last on average of 300-400 uses.


Buy Sploofy filters online or contact us for more information.



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