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How Long Does a Sploofy Last?

June 25, 2019

How Long does the Sploofy Last?

Questions about the Sploofy lifespan is something we get asked a lot. It is quite a difficult question to answer, as everyone exhibits a different smoking profile. A bong user that’s taking big hits will produce more smoke particles, and of course, clog a Sploofy faster than someone who uses a vape pen. Ultimately, the longevity of the filter depends on your what you’re using to smoke, how often you smoke, the size of your hits and more.

Sploofy HEPAWe have done our research when creating this product. Results of a case study from our tests show that most users will get between 300-400 exhales from a Sploofy. This has been confirmed by customer reports of each filter cartridge lasting 1 month - 2months when using it 10 times a day.

Airing Out Your Sploofy Cartridge

The Sploofy has been designed with a moisture protection material which allows it to be used more continuously than other brands.. If your Sploofy is clogging up prematurely then airing out the cartridge will help any moisture to evaporate and get it working again.

Below are three ways to help keep your Sploofy dry.

  1. If using an Original Sploofy, place the unit upside down on a flat surface and allow it to dry over night. Although the top of the Sploofy is rounded, it should stabilize on a flat surface. 
  1. Use a hair dry on COOL setting and blow towards the filter side. Be careful not to use any heat or the filter may be damaged.
  1. Another method is to place the Sploofy with desiccant/silica packets in a Ziploc or sealed container. The desiccant packets will absorb any moisture that is in the bag. You can purchase these here.

Consider purchasing another Sploofy cartridge. You can then use one Sploofy while the other one dries out. There is no down time where you can use your smoke filter and your Sploofy will keep working at its optimum.

For more information about Sploofy contact us. We are happy to help.

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