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Our Story

In the beginning…

The year was 2014; three crazy college stoners got together and Sploofy was born. Since then we have been very busy selling smoke filters. 

The Sploofy Mission

When we first witnessed a "sploof" in action, we realized that the world needed something that worked better and didn't stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re going to hide the smell, then it makes sense to do it discreetly right? Well that was our thought process too!

We were avid "sploof" users ourselves since we lived with non-smoking roommates and ever since we founded Sploofy, it’s just impossible to exhale during an indoor smoke session without using one. 

So our mission is to introduce this awesome tool to as many people as we can. For too long, stoners have been forced to go outside in the cold for a quick sesh and it's our goal to change that.