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While the Sploofy is an excellent device for filtering out unwanted air particles, there are a few important tips to remember for a discreet session. Many of you may already know how to use a water pipe/bong, but for those that don't we've made this short tutorial on how to correctly use one in conjunction with a Sploofy.

Thing's You'll Need:

  • Sploofy (of course)
  • Waterpipe (bong, bubbler, or dab rig)
  • Grinder or Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Flower

 STEP 1 - Pack a Personal Bowl

Pretty simple, just grab your desired amount of smoking material and place it straight into the bowl. 

Important: For the sake of being discreet, avoid packing more than you can finish or else the bowl will stay lit and your non-smoking roommates will notice. 

STEP 2 - Light the Bowl and Inhale

Strike the lighter then place it directly in the center of the bowl, so that it makes contact with the herbs. Start inhaling slowly at first until the bowl is at full cherry. Once the bowl is almost empty, give it a quick, deep inhale to clear the bowl leaving nothing left behind.

STEP 3 - Exhale


Now, grab your trusty Sploofy and hold it up against your mouth. Be sure you’ve created a tight seal and – just like blowing out the candles on a birthday cake (feel free to make a wish too) – exhale straight into the mouth piece. The smoke will travel through Sploofy’s HEPA filter and trap any impurities along the way, thus, releasing an odorless stream from the other end.

PRO-TIP: Keep it Dry

We highly recommend placing the Sploofy upside down on a flat table top, to allow moisture to evaporate, especially if you're going to use the device multiple times a day. Moisture from your breath takes up precious filter space that could otherwise be used to trap smoke particles.  For best results, do this after every other session or night.


And there you have it! Sploofy is so easy to use it's almost hard to explain. It might take some time to get used to but after a few uses, you should be able to master the art of discreet toking.