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What is Sploofy?

A personal smoke filter for people who want to smoke indoors without the smoke and smell.

How does it work?

Exhaling into the Sploofy will absorb and deodorize any smoke. 

How can I extend the life of the filter?
Twist off the cartridge from the mouthpiece and let it air dry over night. This allows the moisture to evaporate and can extend the life of your filter up to 30%!Sploofy Air Dry

How long does it last?

There's isn't definite answer to this. A Sploofy cartridge can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the user.

How’s this better than using a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets only temporarily mask the smell, but they don't eliminate smoke or odor, leaving your odor to linger. Our filter is made using high quality HEPA, the same technology used in clean room environments. 

Does it work with dabs or vaporizers?

Sploofy Will eliminate just about any smoke / vapor that is blown through it.

How about joints and blunts?

It can be used, but not as effectively because it can't capture the smoke burning from your joint/blunt.

What about the smell coming from the bowl?

We recommend packing snappers or individual–sized bowls that can be smoked in one hit. This will significantly reduce the smoke and smell coming from the bowl.



My Sploofy worked great then got really hard to blow through after one week.

Extensive and continuous use of the filter can cause it to clog for a short period of time. To fix this, let your cartridge air out for a few days before using it again.

You can do this by twisting off the mouthpiece and setting the cartridge upside down on top of the mouthpiece. Do this after each session for a longer lasting filter! If this does not fix the issue, email us at

I still see smoke when I use it, is it defective?

Identify where the leak is coming from.

MOUTH AREA – Your mouth may not be entirely covered. Try pressing the mouthpiece closer to your face and putting your mouth entirely in it so that all gaps are covered.

MOUTHPIECE - Your gasket (silicon ring) may not be on properly. Try adjusting it or replacing it with the extra we provided.

FRONT - There should be no smoke from the front. If there is, you may have received a defective cartridge.

Everyone deserves a great Sploofy. If you believe your Sploofy is defective, please send us an email at and one of our team members will be glad to assist you.

How do I know when to replace the cartridge?

It'll require a lot of force to blow through before being blocked completely. Remember to air dry your cartridge as frequently as every other day to ensure that it's not being blocked by moisture.

How do I clean it?

You can use paper towels and rubbing alcohol to clean areas with resin build-up. Giving your Sploofy a sanitary wipe will help prolong its use.


Do you ship in discreet packaging?

Yes. Your order will be shipped in a plain box. Keep in mind that the return address on the shipping label includes our business name 'Sploofy' on it.

My order has shipped, but there is no activity on the tracking number.

Please allow up to 3 days for tracking activity to update. We ship our orders within 24 hours, but once a package leaves our facility, we have little control over it. Sometimes USPS may skip the scanning process at each location, making it seem like the package has not been shipped, when it has.