Why Does Smoke Smell So Bad?

March 06, 2017

While smoking can be enjoyable for the smoker, often it’s not for those around them. The chemicals that are burned in certain smoking materials can cause a particular type of odor from whatever is being burned. When smoking indoors, the stench from the smoke can last, lingering in the air for hours after a session. Even if the smoke smells sweet to you, your nasal passages could be jaded. You could be offending a lot of people around you!

The Risk

If you’re smoking in a home or an apartment building, you could face hefty cleaning costs for the place to be made smoke-free, even if smoking was permitted in the building. You’re also risking the comfort of those around you. Save your landlord some grief!

The Solution

Sploofy is a smoke filter that helps you to keep your smoke to yourself. There’s no need to worry about the smoke stench being released into the air and causing an unpleasant smell. With the state of the art HEPA filters that are installed in our smoking devices, it’s easy to see why Sploofy takes the stench out of smoking.

Once you get a Sploofy filter, you’ll wish that you had one years ago! Our smoke filter is so powerful, you’ll barely even know that you had been smoking. The only thing that you’ll feel is pleasure from smoking and no one else needs to know.

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