What The Legalization Of Marijuana Means For Smokers

June 23, 2017 1 Comment

Many states across the US are moving to have the use of recreational marijuana legalized. While every state has its own regulations and rules desired, there a few universal truths for everyone who wishes to partake in smoking be it for medical or recreational use.

Not Everyone Wants To Smoke

Not everyone is going to want to smoke along with you. That’s okay! That’s why filters like the Sploofy were created. You can keep the smoke to yourself without anyone else even knowing. Just because smoking is legal doesn’t mean that you need to spread your love of smoking everywhere. You can keep it discreet wherever you are whether you’re smoking in public or in the privacy of your home.

You Still May Need To Smoke Outside

Just because smoking is legal, doesn’t mean that apartment complex owners actually want the stuff in their building. Your neighbors may not want to smell the smoke or feel the pleasure the same way that you do from smoking. There are also safety hazards that need to be kept in mind. Be mindful of the rules and consider getting a Sploofy filter. It can really help you to keep your smoking hobby under wraps. Your neighbors won’t smell the smoke, neither will your cat.

While the legalization of Marijuana is a victory for all of us, we still need to be mindful of those around us. Be smart and stay Sploofy! You’ll be impressed by our advanced smoke filter. We know that you will wonder how you ever smoked without a Sploofy.

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