Sploofy V3: Our Most Powerful Filter

March 28, 2019

Introducing Sploofy V3

Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a moment to officially introduce to you guys the Sploofy V3. Since our launch in 2015, we’ve gone through a couple of versions for our Sploofy personal air filter. After countless nights of R&D, reading customer feedback, and bong hits we’ve finally finished the newest model. 


One of the primary goals of the new design was to be more eco-friendly. Sploofy V3 uses an improved three component design that features a mouthpiece, protective sleeve, and filter cartridge. Those who were around since our launch may remember that we started off as a three piece design with the intention of being eco-friendly. However, after a few months, we simplified the Sploofy down to two parts because well, it didn’t make sense to us to have a plastic sleeve covering a plastic cartridge. The new V3 uses a filter cartridge housing is made with 100% recycled and biodegradable material. Yes, that’s right. Less plastic waste = more trees.

Improved Filter Performance

The next challenge for us was to squeeze out more filter life out of a cartridge. Sploofy V3 is equipped with our most powerful filter to date. The new Sploofy is slightly bigger (14% to be exact) but lasts significantly longer than our previous models. We held a secret beta testing and asked loyal customers to test out the new filter. Our beta testers consisted of people that used Sploofy 5 times per day. Customers who previously had 3-4 weeks of use out of the previous models reported 6-8 weeks of use with the V3.

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