Does the Sploofy really work?

April 20, 2019

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Filtering smoke is quite a complicated process. It is made of both particles and odorous gases. In particular, the smell of weed is very pungent and the slightest amount of secondhand smoke can travel further than you think. In this article we'll go over how the Sploofy works to capture and eliminate smoke odor. 


For those new to Sploofy, you might have seen or used the common "sploof". It's made from a toilet paper roll stuffed with fabric softener. The reason for its effectiveness is because it coats the smoke with a scent immediately during exhale.

What is the Sploofy?

Sploofy vs Smokebuddy

The Sploofy is designed with a HEPA activated carbon filter. You may have seen the word HEPA used in describing home air purifiers. Our filters use the same technology, but it's made differently to cater specifically for smoke. 

So, Does it Really Work?

Well yes, as long as you use it correctly. Smoke must be blown through the device in order for the odor to be absorbed. Sploofy cannot capture the scent coming off a burning bowl piece or a joint/blunt. 

When you exhale through the Sploofy, smoke is broken down by our various layers of filtration before exiting as clean air. No matter how hard you blow, a properly working Sploofy will trap and absorb the smoke. 

How Long Does the Sploofy Last?

Sized up, our test results show that our new Sploofy V3 outperforms any other personal air filter on the market. Customers reported between 250-300 use per filter cartridge. Other brands may claim 300 uses as an estimate without any data supporting it. If you're interested in reading more about the newest Sploofy V3 click here.


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