Do Candles Remove Odors?

March 10, 2017

After you have smoked for awhile, you probably would like to get the odor out of the room. The question is do candles really remove odors from an area, or simply mask the odor?

First, let’s look at how a candle works. When you light a candle, you’re creating a flame. Flames burn oxygen. Odors that are in the air attach themselves to the oxygen molecules present. Since oxygen is being burned by the candle, so too are the odors in the air, at least by the principles of scientific theory.

Candles should be a good way to burn off the odors that exist in the air, especially after smoking. The problem is that a candle may need to burn for quite a long time before the odors are actually removed completely from the air. Also, if the candle doesn’t actually have the time to get to the source of the odor in the air, the smell will quickly return.

Why Sploofy Filters Are Better Than Candles To Prevent Odors From Smoking
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