A New Smoking Resolution For 2017

December 09, 2016

The New Year brings many different kinds of resolutions and goals. With a fresh start, we want to be better in as many ways as possible. We spend much of the end of the old year trying to decide how we can make little changes to improve ourselves.

Popular New Year’s Resolutions include:
Losing Weight
Eating Healthier
Quitting Smoking

Many goals surrounding the New Year include something health-related. If you’re a casual smoker, however, you probably don’t want to quit smoking all together. It’s your “chill” zone, so why not try something different this coming year?
Sploofy helps the health of those around you and keeps your smoking habit more discreet. Our smoke filter uses the best in HEPA filtration technology that allows your smoke to stay only with you.

We suggest that your New Year’s Resolution be something that you’ll definitely keep in 2017. A great resolution would be for you to get a Spoofy smoke filter and use it when you’re smoking. Whether you have a few puffs a week or are a daily smoker, adding a smoke filter to your routine will help the health and well-being of those around you. Sploofy is your source for a better smoking experience with our HEPA smoke filters.

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