The Best Way To Hide Smoke Smell

The Best Way To Hide Smoke Smell

September 10, 2015

VIDEO: Stoner Tips #3: The Best Way to Hide Weed Smoke Smell!

Youtube Duo, Two High Guys, tested out the Sploofy and posted a review on their channel. Watch their session with Sploofy here!

In their Sploofy review, they talk about their first times using a homemade sploof and point out the major inefficiencies. Don't get me wrong, the sploof plays its part in concealing the smell, but there is a big difference between dryer sheets and a HEPA filter..

My first time using a sploof was at a friend's place in college. A bunch of us congregated there all the time and even though he didn't mind the smoke, we still wanted to be respectful of others who lived with her. Absolutely none of the smoke was hidden, but the dank weed smell did turn into dank 'fresh linen.' 

If you're looking for a temporary fix for the smell, a sploof might do the job. If you want a device designed specifically to capture smoke resin, get our Sploofy Smoke Filter. Your neighbors will love you.




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