HotBox Magazine Features Sploofy

HotBox Magazine Features Sploofy

July 29, 2015


HotBox Magazine is on an endless search for the latest and greatest smoke accessories aimed to enhance every smoker's experience. They curated a list of top 5 products that are perfect for smoking on-the-go and our Sploofy made the list! Check out the rest of the list here!

HotBox Magazine Top 5 On-The-Go Smoking Products

For those of you who smoke freely in your homes, why not be able to bring that same experience everywhere you go? Enjoy those same sessions while on the road to Vegas, in your hotel room on a business trip, or visiting friends/family who don't allow smoking in the house. We just don't believe your experience should be hindered from worrying about the smoke and smell. 

I used to visit the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park and would wait 1-2 hours in line for a 2 minute ride. I was perfectly content with sweating it out every summer with my friends until one day, when I was making more money out of college, that I decided to buy their "Flash Pass." 2 hour lines turned into sipping frozen lemonade in the shade then waiting 10 minutes in line. It was amazing and completely changed my experience. Sometimes the pros outweigh the costs. Our Sploofy smoke filter is just like that, except it's only $19.99. It's something you never knew you needed until you have one, and you will never go back! 



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