Does the Sploofy really work?

July 18, 2015

ARTICLE: Sploofy “The Discrete, Durable & Efficient Sploof”

Does Sploofy really work? HMJ posted their Sploofy product review and the results are in! They gave our product an A- and I can't argue with that. Read what they have to say here!

As a new product, we know it's tough to gain the trust of consumers. Most people don't blindly spend their hard earned money on something they've never heard of. We check Yelp before we step foot into any restaurant and Amazon has become the approver of all purchases.

Does the Sploofy really work? As crazy as it sounds, we get it all the time and the answer has always been the same. Yes it works! To clear up confusion, it should be understood that smoke must travel through the Sploofy via the mouthpiece in order for it to work. Therefore, smoking out of blunts or joints isn't going to work well.

Thank you Hail Mary Jane for sharing your experience and taking the time to review the Sploofy. 







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